Some information concerning our current activities.

We are Finnish family located at South-Espoo and at Lohja. Anne lives with her family at our old flat in Tiistila.

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We bought a new lot in Nummi-Pusula at Saukkola village and are building a log house.

We have a summer mansion at Kurikka, North West Finland (Botnia) close to Vaasa.

The mansion is located at Opas close to Jokipiin Pellava - production.
Here is a foto of the mansion.

If you have problems to understand this Ostrobotnia-dialect, please visit Kurikka-Suomi dictionary.

We had also one extra family member, Dalmatian Riku. He was born on 14.10.1996 and passed away 11.3.2009. R.I.P
Riku's Memorandum Album

We used to work voluntary in Matinkylä Walkers , which was a place for youngsters to visit each other on Fridays.
This service has been shut down on October 2009 as Espoo community did not offer a reasonable place for this service.

Information of the cafeterias around Finland can be found from here. Katso kahvilan Suomenkielisiä sivuja.

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